Battery and solar

Cellular 4G / 3G


Exceptional night vision

Full color

Forget grainy black and white images of night time CCTV shots. Our image sensors and processing software are sensitive enough to capture night images almost at the sensitivity level of a human eye.

A full colour 12 megapixel image has so much more detail even at night.

Ambient light

This background image was taken on a dark rural road with only a single street light to illuminate the whole area.

Our cameras can take images like this in most urban or rural situations where there is at least some lighting from the street, cars or houses nearby.

No outside lights at all?

No worries. We have remotely controlled spotlights the camera turns on and off to take a photo within 100m range. Alternatively, a regular solar powered garden light works well enough.

Real time alerts

Sensorable cameras keep an eye on the surroundings to alert you when activity is detected, so you can take a timely action.

  • Email alerts with images
  • Flexible notification rules
  • Monitoring center integration

Wireless sensors

up to 100m away

with years of battery life

to help the camera detect activity with better accuracy