Construction timelapse

Record the construction progress at set intervals and get the video produced automatically at the end of every day.

  • Variable interval
  • Uploaded to cloud storage
  • Up to 4K video
  • Automated video production
  • Easy to share on social media

The camera is smart enough to upload only frames with activity in it, saving on cellular bandwidth and video editing time.


Construction site monitoring

The camera is your eye over the site, no matter where you are:


  • Amazing 12MP resolution
  • Hundreds of meters visibility
  • Zoom in for incredible detail
  • Dial-in to watch live activity


The distance to the white car in the image was 30m. The distance to the end of the site was close to 200m. View the original full resolution image to see the incredible level of detail for yourself.

Construction site security

Motion sensors


Wireless motion sensors can be placed in different places around the site to tell the camera there is movement. The camera monitors the sensors, takes pictures and sends alerts if there is any unusual activity.

Access sensors


Wireless access sensors register movement of the sensor itself. Attach this sensor to a gate and the camera will get a signal every time the gate is moved. Attach it to the tarp covering a stack of cement bags and it will be very hard to pull one out without the camera taking a picture and sending out an alert.

Remote spotlight


Wireless solar-powered spotlights can be placed around the site to give it optimal lighting in case of unusual activity outside of working hours. The camera will turn the lights on when it needs to see the site. Forget the grainy night time CCTV shots – you get a nice full resolution colour picture, day or night.

Construction analytics add-on

Get automated reports on people and vehicle movements, project progress and safety compliance.

The camera does real time image processing using artificial intelligence to extract valuable information and notify you if something important happens:

  • number of people on site
  • number of vehicles on site
  • time spent on site
  • number plates
  • people not wearing protective gear
  • people in exclusion zones

4G Construction Camera vs CCTV