Smart 4G modems for traffic radars

Two-way communication over 4G networks with Houston Radar, AGD and other brands.



No additional programming or controllers needed. The modem already has all the software to link your radar to the cloud.

Just connect 2 power and 2 data wires.

Real time or batched

The radar data can be streamed in real time or downloaded in batches to cloud storage.

Radar settings

The radar settings can be changed any time via a web page. The interface supports all the commands as if you were connected to the radar directly.

Friendly user interface

The user interface simplifies the radar management and can be shared with multiple users.

Insights and analytics

Download the raw radar data or use graphs, tables and reports already included in our web interface.

Any SIM, any carrier

Use your own nano-SIM from any local cellular provider.

Automated updates

The software controlling the modem is updated over the air with new features and other improvements.

Open Source Hardware

Built-in controller

The modem has its own controller and connects directly to the radar via RS-232 or USB.

Incredibly low power

  • 50 mW average power
  • protected PSU
  • 6v … 24v DC input

4G cellular

  • 3G / 4G / 4G rural
  • 29 GSM bands
  • LTE support up to Cat9


  • IP65 / UL94-HB
  • UV-stable polycarbonate
  • use inside or outside your own enclosure

ALPR / ANPR upgrade

The modem includes the same hardware as our ALPR/ANPR camera. Number plate reading and other advanced features can be enabled any time after the installation.

Built-in GPS

  • live location tracking
  • motion detection against tampering
  • a map-based view of all your radars

Our modems are Open Source. You can purchase them ready-made, arrange your own assembly or even change the design to better suit your needs.

The BOM is only around $200, making it a very affordable solution.

Read the full technical specification or see it all on GitHub.

Compatible radar models

Our modems have been tested with the most popular radar models used by the industry:

  • Houston-Radar DR1500
  • Houston-Radar DR600
  • Houston-Radar SS400
  • AGD 331 In-Sign
  • Generic CFK401

The modem can potentially connect to any other radar model via an RS-232 or USB interface. The actual data protocol is taken care of by the application running inside the modem which can be updated to make it work with a different protocol.

The modem can act as a USB slave or USB master depending on the radar requirements.