ANPR camera pricing

Includes hardware and cloud subscription

Camera hardware

Our camera hardware is completely open source. This means you have several procurement options:


  • get FREE cameras as part of your premium subscription


  • assemble them yourself using our designs (US$200 BOM)


  • arrange contract manufacturing for larger quantities

User interface

Sensorable cameras upload their data, photos and videos to cloud storage. The free tier of our cloud services gives you all the essential functionality you need to start using one or more cams as radar modems or for traffic monitoring:


  • online user interface
  • radar data storage, graphs and analysis
  • remote control of a radar or VMS/LED board
  • scheduled HD photos
  • on-demand HD photos

Premium subscription

More advanced camera features require a premium subscription:


  • camera hardware
  • on-device ALPR / ANPR
  • up to 12MP photos
  • full HD video
  • user management
  • traffic analysis
  • reports and actionable insights
  • technical support

OEM enquiry



Transport agencies

Local authorities

Infrastructure companies

We welcome partnership enquiries from companies interested in embedding our cameras into their equipment, existing infrastructure or supplying to their customer base.

Tell us a little bit about your project and one of us will be in touch to discuss it in more detail.

Would you like to see a demo of our Automated License Plate Reader in action?

Get in touch and we will arrange your access to one of our live sites.