Traffic and ANPR packages

An ANPR camera for embedding into road infrastructure or standalone use.

Embedded into your LED board

The great advantage of using an ANPR camera with a large LED board is the variety of ways it can be used to calm the passing traffic by displaying personalised SLOW DOWN messages that include the driver’s number plate.

The camera can feed custom messages into the LED board via USB, RS-232 or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Bluetooth Low Energy in real time.


Connect the camera to the existing power source of the VMS (6V…24V). The additional 1W…4W of power draw are insignificant for the VMS operation and no power upgrade is required.


Connect the camera to the radar already installed inside the board or get a camera with an embedded radar.

Embedded into your speed sign

An ANPR camera can be retrofitted into existing Speed Indicating Devices or Vehicle Activated Signs as an external device or embedded directly inside the sign enclosure.


Most vehicle activated signs have enough spare power capacity to accommodate 1W-4W needed for the camera. The number of cars being recorded is usually small and doesn’t impact the battery use.


The ANPR camera works with the radar already installed inside the sign via an RS-232 or USB interface.

Coming or going

You can mount the camera to look into the incoming traffic to see driver behavior approaching the sign.

Mounting the camera the other way tells you if the drivers continue adhering to the speed limit after being reminded.

School zone schedule

Schools zone speed limits apply only during school operating hours. Those can be programmed via our web user interface to minimize power use during inactive hours. The camera may still gather traffic statistics and perform ANRP at a different speed limit if needed.


The same form factor of the ANPR camera can include a battery pack sufficient to power the camera for days and process thousands of vehicles.

The unassuming enclosure blends with the rest of the roading infrastructure and does not attract undue attention.


Choice of power sources include:

  • rechargable battery pack
  • a solar panel
  • street lighting (intermittent)
  • PoE used for other equipment


The camera houses an internal radar powered from the same source. There is a good choice of radar models from different manufacturers that are small enough to fit inside the same enclosure.

Wireless LED board connection

Sensorable ANPR camera can connect to remote LED boards wirelessly up to 60m within direct line of sight.


It is a useful option for traffic calming if the LED board cannot be positioned close enough to the traffic for the number plates to be read.


The wireless link requires an off-the-shelf BLE to RS-232 or BLE to USB adapter.