ANPR VAS deployment checklist

Setting up a temporary Speed Indicating Device (SID) or another type of a Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS) with ANPR functionality requires a few extra checks to ensure correct operation of the number plate recognition.

Follow this checklist to make it work as best as it can first time around. Call our support if you are on site and need urgent help.


  • Is there cellphone reception?

Use a coverage map from your operator. Those are not 100% reliable, but give an idea. E.g. Spark or Voda.


  • Is it ON?

Turn the power on, wait for a minute or so and check the last date/time of contact in the UI or call its phone number.

  • Does it have enough cellular data?

Check with the cellular operator against that SIM/phone number of the ANPR camera.

  • Can the camera “see”?

Request an image via the UI or by texting it. Check the image, signal, battery level and location in the UI when the test image got uploaded.

Check before leaving the site

  • Is it ON?
  • Is it looking in the right direction?
  • Is the angle of view at a passing vehicle more than 35°?

The camera needs to see the number plate closer than 10m range with an angle < 35° for reliable reads. The maximum readable range is 25m.

  • Does it look into the sun?

The best position is when the sun is behind the cam. Trace the sun path dawn to dusk.

  • Is the cellular signal level acceptable?

Use your own cellphone (must be with the same operator) to find a better spot.

  • Are the images it uploads crisp?

Use a special lens cleaning wipe if the images are smudged or out of focus.