Sensorable micro-ANPR vs Genetec AutoVu SharpV

A brief comparison of micro-ANPR vs more powerful options like Genetec AutoVu


An OEM camera for embedding into other traffic, roading and parking infrastructure.

  • traffic studies
  • traffic calming
  • parking lots monitoring

AutoVu SharpV

A security camera with ALPR functionality for parking enforcement.

  • parking enforcement
  • access control
  • security

Core spec differences

Power4W peak, 0.12W idle25W
Size175 x 75 x 15mm214 x 192 x 63
Video1920 x 1080 @30fps1280 x 960 @30fps
Still images12MP
Processing speed3fps30fps
IR iluminatorNo940nm – 590nm
Comms 4G, WiFi, BLE, USBEthernet
Standalone useInternal batteries or a small solar panel With a sizable solar panel (i.e. on a trailer)
VMSSensorable cloud Genetec VMS

View the full spec for Sensorable and AutoVu for more detail.

Fundamental differences


micro-ANPR: low to medium traffic density, e.g. a suburban street, mostly day time, up to 50mph/80kmh speed.

AutoVu: fixed or vehicle mounted with a built-in IR it can be used to collect license plate data around the clock.


Sensorable ANPR camera is single board computer with integrated image sensor. It runs Linux/Android stack, OpenCV and TensorFlow Lite. The openness of the platform allows customization for different applications and retraining of the ML models to improve accuracy.

AutoVu is a black box that does what it does.

Comms and data use

micro-ANPR is intended for use where providing power and data infrastructure is not cost effective. It relies on a 4G cellular connection to communicate with the cloud and BLE + USB for connecting to adjacent equipment and controllers. The amount of data use can be limited to just providing the number plates in text form.

AutoVu is an IP camera that needs an Ethernet connection, but it does use less data than server-based LPR systems.


micro-ANPR is an open source product with BOM cost of ~ $200. The exact cost depends on the hardware configuration and order quantity. It does not require a specific VMS purchase.


Both Sensorable micro-ANPR and Genetec AutoVu read number plates with on-device image processing, but they are very different devices intended for different applications in different environment.