Battery-powered ALPR / ANPR cameras

Low power OEM ALPR/ANPR cameras with 4G connectivity for embedding into speed signs, VMS boards and other roadside installations.


Automated Number Plate Reader

Number plates of passing vehicles are read by the device in real time and uploaded to the cloud database.

Speed detection

An internal or external radar gives an accurate reading of the vehicle speed synchronized with the video recording.

Vehicle detection

Internal vehicle detection and classification algorithms ensure the camera records only vehicles traveling in the chosen direction.

Video recording

Videos of passing vehicles can be recorded and uploaded to the cloud based on speed, direction, time of day and other parameters.

One click incident reporting

Pass the details of the incident onto the authorities or the employer of the driver with one click.

Insights and analytics

The web user interface has multiple graphs, tables and reports to give the end user actionable insights.

Remote access

The camera, built-in radar and any external devices on the USB or RS232 bus can be controlled remotely via a web browser.

Open Source Hardware

On-device ALPR/ANPR

  • vehicle detection
  • number plate detection
  • direction of travel
  • speed

Incredibly low power

  • < 5W max power
  • process thousands of vehicles on the internal battery
  • internal or external battery
  • solar or street lighting power source

4G cellular

  • connect to a local cellular provider
  • use your own SIM
  • use your own data plan


  • IP65 / UL94-HB
  • UV-stable polycarbonate
  • use inside or outside your own enclosure

Built-in radar

  • internal or external radar
  • USB or RS-232 interface
  • compatible with Houston Radar, AGD and other types

Built-in GPS

  • live location tracking
  • motion detection against tampering

Our cameras are Open Source. You can purchase ready-made cams, arrange your own assembly or even change the design to better suit your needs.

The BOM is only around $200, making it a very affordable ALPR / ANPR solution.

Read the full technical specification or see it all on GitHub.

School zone speed sign

This video is an example of embedding our ALPR/ANPR cams as an OEM product into the existing road infrastructure.

  • An existing school zone sign with a solar panel
  • A generic LED board
  • A Sensorable ALPR/ANPR cam embedded into the LED board

In the video, our cam is sending the speed data and the number plate of vehicles going over the speed limit to the LED board via RS232 in real time.

Speeding drivers can see a very personal reminder to slow down, which has a calming effect on the traffic.